Home reno

The thing about doing anything nice to your house is that it then exposes how the rest of your house needs updating as well. We've lived here for 12 years now, and have redone damn near everything internally that is not fun to do: the furnace last winter, the water pump the year before that, the electrical is always causing us issues. Basically we've always been too broke to do the fun stuff.

Well recently we decided “fuck it” because the stone steps leading up to our stone house were shot. Like, stones falling out the sides and treads that were not attached to their foundation shot. A “scarecase” was what our friend called it. So we finally got a few days in said friend's calendar for him to come out and do something about it.

It looked so good when done that we had to go to the Depot and get a storm door for what used to be a plain old screen door leading from our little mud room off the kitchen out on to these stairs. Then we started thinking about the windows, and this is how it starts. Like I said, we bought this house a long time ago with the object of fixing it up, just taken us a loooong time to get to a place financially where it was even remotely possible.

side note: Every picture I've ever taken is in iCloud. Why can't I right click a picture and get a public URL for it so I can easily share pictures I've taken via this blog? This seems like the simplest idea in the universe.